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Product/Service >> Germinated Palm Seeds ,Germinated Ornamental seeds >> Licuala glabra var selangorensis

Licuala glabra var selangorensis - คลิกที่นี่เพื่อดูรูปภาพใหญ่
Licuala glabra var selangorensis


Licuala glabra var selangorensis

Code: 000252
Price: 360.00 THB (Ref. 13.33 USD)

Clustering with not more than 3 stem , normally will be single trunk at 2.5 M. tall. Petole at 1.5 M. long with small thorn half of it. Inflorescence 3.5 M. long with small round orangish fruits. The leaves almost round , deeply split into 9-15 segments, 2 middle segments are both biggest.

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